About us

MAR-DALÍ is a swimwear brand from Costa Rican Design, its main distinction is to design thinking about current women’s shapes, noting their lifestyle and the market trends, setting the tone in its prints and designs with high quality supplies, as well as digital printing and confection state-of-the-art technology. 

MAR-DALI reflects today’s modern elegant professional women having a dynamic lifestyle but with class. In our brand you will find that swimwear you need to feel yourself comfortable and safe while enjoying the sun, the sand and the beach with style …
The trend of this prestigious Brand is to have a wide range of designs allowing the mix & match between its collections full of elegant and vibrant colors.

MAR-DALÍ brand reflects through its name a particular taste for art and the sea, which are the prospect of each of its creation, both in accessories and bathing suits.

We are making an effort to meet our clients’ needs with the best service, quality and a wide range of products providing designs, beauty, comfort and confident.

Fashion Designer

For many years I dedicated myself to work. Training people, directing and analyzing markets. But my destiny was different, I grew up between threads and needles, next to a woman who gave everything for her children in a sewing machine. My days began at 4:00 am with the noise of the cut of the scissors over the glass table in my family's dining room. I grew up, with the illusion of becoming a great designer of fashions.

With much sacrifice my parents paid for that career in which I stand out, but like everything in this life, nobody said it would be easy, inexperience and immaturity led me to a disappointing start in the first failure when I did not know how to develop my talent. So I decided to hide behind a desk and give another direction to my life.

But fate is something that can not be changed and sooner or later the river seeks its cause, so after 15 years I return to my beginnings, but this time with another vision, understanding what I do and why I do it. Aware of the needs of the market, and the daily necessities of today women. Stay at home moms and professional women both like to draw attention not only to their physical appearance but to their culture and level of entrepreneurship, this world today is full of women like that, that's why design for them.